offizielle MFH 3.0xx Themen

Downloads sind bereits leicht veraltet.


Download ~5 MB

Guitar Hero 80s



Download ~21 MB

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Download ~24 MB

Guitar Hero I



Download ~9 MB

Guitar Hero II



Download ~20 MB

Guitar Hero III


Patch ~5 MB (3.10 Beta)

Download ~31 MB (3.0)





Download ~1 MB (Version 2 + Hotfixes für FoFiX 3.0+), Rock Band Version

Download ~2 MB, Guitar Hero 3 Version

Rock Band 1


Patch ~4 MB zu v3.030

Download ~51 MB

Rock Band 2

Old Thread



Patch 1.6 ~8 MB

Patch 1.6.1 ~0.4 MB (Patch 1.6 erforderlich)

Patch 1.6.2 ~0.9 MB (Patch 1.6.1 erforderlich)

Download ~114 MB

andere, unoffizielleThemen

Guitar Hero World Tour

Old Thread



Download ~33 MB (ganzes Theme mit allen Patches, benötigt FoFiX 3.030)

GHWT: Metallica



Download ~36 MB




Patch ~8 MB zu Hotfix #4

Download ~46 MB





Download ~71 MB

Old School



Download ~9 MB

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Music game themes
blazingamer's MegaLight theme (FoFiX compatible)
blazingamer's Megalight GHIII theme (FoFiX compatible)
myfingershurt's Rock Band 1 theme (Rb-MFH) (FoFiX compatible)
ugo's Rock Band 2 theme (FoFiX compatible) (now updated by kristijan_mkd)
Project: Clone's GH1 theme (FoFiX compatible)
Project: Clone's GH2, GH80s themes (FoFiX compatible)
worldrave's Guitar Hero III theme (FoFiX compatible)
Guitar Hero World Tour theme (see thread for credits) (FoFiX compatible)
death_au's Old School FoF theme (FoFiX compatible)
blazingamer's FoF standard REVAMP (FoFiX compatible)
gamexpert1's Sexy GHIII mod (FoFiX compatible)
Fun498 + jacobo123 + death_au's Guitar Legend theme (FoFiX compatible)
DesertDiamond's Guitar Hottie WT Theme (FoFiX compatible)
GH 80's Mod for Alarian v5.0, by lsapg09 et al.
GH Aerosmith theme (many credits) (older) (original)
ugo247548's original Rock Band 2 theme (different to the official one)
datea321's GH1 beta theme

Other game themes
8-bit Theme (author lost) (~5MB, RAR archive, Mediafire host) (FoFiX compatible)
ateshu and slantyr's Bioshock mod (FoFiX compatible)
R3MaK3R's GTA IV mod (FoFiX compatible)
wakethefallen's Lost Planet theme (FoFiX compatible)
RedShadow's Fretcraft (Warcraft mod) (FoFiX compatible)
RedShadow's Fretcraft 2 (Starcraft mod) (FoFiX compatible)
kzxstealthy's Devil May Cry theme (FoFiX compatible) (Orig. by dejastar)
WiLL_iZ_FrEsH's Gears of War Mod (FoFiX compatible)
wakethefallen's Sonic The Hedgehog theme (FoFiX compatible)
Death_au's 8-bit NES theme (FoFiX compatible)
ateshu (and slantyr)'s Frets of Zelda (FoFiX compatible) (click here)
kburts' Secret Maryo Theme (FoFiX compatible)
SERONJA's F.E.A.R. Theme (FoFiX compatible)
djpaxx's Super Intendent Theme
HALO mod, Another Racer + Lsapg09 Mix
ADH and ateshu's Frets on Fire Brawl
clawzfire's Castlevania Mod
omfgdrphl's Video Game mod (many credits)

Band/Music themes
wwebigman's Metalocalypse Mod (FoFiX compatible)
0zkrXD's Linkin Park theme (FoFiX compatible) (by death_au)
kristijan_mkd's Guitar Hero V: Metallica [K.I.D.] (FoFiX compatible)
Muteki's Dragonforce theme (FoFiX compatible)
yourmom1234567's A Good Fight theme (FoFiX compatible)
FSAlencar's Slipknot theme (FoFiX compatible)
destinallenpiper's Paramore theme (FoFiX compatible)
wwebigman's Dethklok World Tour Theme (FoFiX compatible)
ojhsmcilroy08's Green Day theme (FoFiX compatible)
DFM85's Linkin Park Theme (FoFiX compatible)
venom426's Bullet for my Valentine theme (FoFiX compatible)
jakens88's Atreyu Theme (FoFiX compatible)
jakens88's All That Remains Theme (FoFiX compatible)
fuzion's Daft Punk theme
gamexprt1's Ska mod
fuzion's Grunge theme
cmsk8ter's Beatles mod
vince71's Tenacious D theme
RinuX's Dragonforce theme

Object/brand/sport/people based themes
wakethefallen's Skateboarding theme (FoFiX compatible)
dragger5656's Candy Hero theme (FoFiX compatible)
DesertDiamond's Obama Theme (FoFiX compatible)
blackfriday's guitar mod
blackfriday's Mac on Fire theme (MarvinPA, jrdnxxhero, blackfriday's mom, many others)
ADH's Dr Pepper on Fire
blazingamers Steelers theme

Movie/TV show/Anime themes
Cleanmonk's Back to the Future mod (FoFiX compatible)
DFM80's One Piece Theme (FoFiX compatible)
roliwood73's SpongeBob mod
poiklpu's Star Wars mod
AnimeSkater08's Black Cat theme
blazingamer's Harry Potter theme
ADH's Narnia mod
Halasthora's One Piece on Fire
yourmom1234567 + gamexprt1's Office theme

Other/Uncategorised themes
blazingamer's Ye Olde English theme (FoFiX compatible)
blazingamer's Industrial Revolution theme (FoFiX compatible)
Pasketi/Desert Diamond StickHero Themes (FoFiX compatible) (patch in first post)
DFM85's FoFiX themes (multiple themes) (FoFiX compatible)
italianstal1ion's "Flames" mod (FoFiX compatible) (by Death_97)
angellinus' Rock Hero Themes Collection (FoFiX compatible)
blazingamer's Rouge Abstraction theme (FoFiX compatible)
italianstal1ion's Abstract mod (FoFiX compatible) (by Death_97)
DFM85's SD MOD (FoFiX compatible)
stickmasta's Green mod
lsapg09's 8hippie mod
SneakHouse's Alien Hero theme's Frozen theme
yungjay's Christian mod
Dgraphs Mod (or Red art mod, whatever) By Duragon
djpaxx's Dark and Sexy theme
DFM85's Alarian themes (16 themes, for 2.8 or lower)