Zusätzliche Downloads

MeteOritO's RB partial grey star brighter fills

Dillusional's overdrive_string_flash.png GFX

Qwedgeonline's alternate GH2 and GH3 notes

lvl4573r's reversed / shattering Rock Band hitflames

Figure's Rock Band Stuff post

EdisLeado's GH:WT-style drum notes
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Loading screen
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Neck Select screen
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Options screen

kk69's alternate gfx from this post:

kk69's alternate DrumNotes.png gfx for GH2/GH3/RB themes post

RB drum notes
RB notes, no HOPO glow
GH3 drum notes
GH1/GH2 drum notes
RB overdrive bar & glow

death_au's alternate gfx collection

death_au's 8-bit theme Killswitch tail options

kawaii_kumiko69's GH3 MainText, RB Tails, and RB Overdrive meter

Anahkiasen's Rock Band notes

acrox999's Rock Band notes with wide HOPOs

Blazingamer's more accurate Rock Band Main Menu

evil-doer's beveled wood-grain Rock Band Main Menu

BlackJack's "Parallel to the floor" Rock Band Main Menu

Razlo7's alternate GH2 MainText.png

Alarian's "Torch" hitflames: hitflames1.png & hitflames2.png

krisda132's Rock Band drum notes

Daevid's Rock Band "quickplay" song choose background

.liquid.'s sound packs (linked in his sig)

lsapg09's main menu background music thread

Figure's Rock Band Bass Groove Overlay Neck v2

Don Tonberry's Rock Band overdrive sound
aduro's merge of the RB overdrive sound & starpower crowd
.liquid.'s version of the RB overdrive sound

slantyr's Rock Band drumfretshacked.png

Electrodeath's drumfretshacked.png

evil doer's drumnotes

bluzer's GH3 menu background widescreen

worldrave's Rock Band font